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Foresto Alexandra

Name: Alexandra Foresto

E-mail: alexandra.foresto@gmail.com

Research area: Representations of national identity in the works of three Hungarian diaspora writers



1) Main studies

·   2001: Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

·   1992: High School Diploma, Liceo GinnasioStatale C. Marchesi, Conegliano (TV), Italy.

2) Specialization courses and scholarships

·   2015: Teaching Qualification for English (Italian QTS), University of Verona, Italy.

·   2014: Two-year specialization course in “Educational planning: the new teaching profession between autonomy, flexibility and discipline” [Progettazione educativa: la nuova professionalità docente tra autonomia, flessibilità e disciplina], European University of Rome, Italy.

·   2012: First level Master’s Course in “Innovative teaching methods to support school learning” [Le metodologie didattiche innovative a supporto dell’apprendimento scolastico], European University of Rome, Italy.

·   2011: Annual specialization diploma in “Theory and method of collaborative learning: specialization in the Linguistic disciplinary area of secondary school” [Teoria e metodo dell’apprendimento collaborativo: indirizzo area disciplinare Linguistica della scuola secondaria], University for foreigners Dante Alighieri of Reggio Calabria, Italy.

·   2008: Scholarship granted by Magyar Könyv Alapítvány (Hungarian Book Foundation) for the translation of a part of the novel Spanish Bride [Spanyol menyasszony] by Ildikó Lovas.

·   2005, 2006 and 2007: Refresher courses for Hungarian teachers organized by the Union of Hungarian Teachers, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Hungary.

·   2006: Course “The Editorial Translator and Translation for Publishing” [Il Traduttore Editoriale e la Traduzione per l’Editoria] (3 modules in 2 days) held by Isabella C. Blum, Milan, Italy.

·   2004: Training course in Suggestopedia, Italian Association of New Suggestopedia Pedagogical Methodologies [AINMS], La Salute di Livenza (VE), Italy.

·   2001-2002: Socrates Comenius 2.2 Language Assistant, VIK Hotel, Tourist and Commercial Institute in Budapest, Hungary.

·   2000: Research studies in the Finno-Ugristics field, Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Hungary, scholarship granted by the Hungarian Government.

·   1997: Research studies on the subject of the thesis, Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Hungary, scholarship granted by the Hungarian Government.

·   1995: Advanced course in Russian language and culture, St. Petersburg, Russia.

·   1994: Hungarian language and culture course, Summer University of Debrecen, Hungary, scholarship granted by the Hungarian Government.


Work: Istituto Comprensivo di Valdobbiadene (Italy)

            Università degli Studi di Udine (Italy)


Taught subjects:

1) University teaching:

·   2010-2014, from 2018 to date: University of Udine, Italy: professor on contract in Hungarian language (40 hours courses).

·   2013: University of Padua, Italy: Hungarian language laboratory (20 hours course).

·   2003, 2004 and 2005: International Master in planning and management of cooperation and training activities for Central-Eastern and Balkan Europe [Master Internazionale in progettazione e gestione delle attività di cooperazione e formazione per l’Europa centro-orientale e balcanica], University Center of Portogruaro (VE), Italy (org. by Universities of Trieste and Padua): teacher of Hungarian language and culture (30 hours courses).

2) Other teaching experiences:

·   2004 to date:Various Lower Secondary Schools in the province of Treviso, Italy: English language teacher and support teacher for special educational needs.

·   2005-2006: State Institute Duca degli Abruzzi, Treviso, Italy: Russian language and civilization teacher.

·   2004: ALI, Monfalcone, Italy: Italian language teacher for Hungarian nurses.

·   2001and 2002: Italia-Russie Association, Pordenone, Italy: teacher of Italian language and culture.

·   1999-2000: Equa Trading Cooperative - ALCOA, Mestre (VE), Italy: Italian language teacher.



·   Basic Hungarian Grammar. With Exercises and Answers[Grammatica ungherese di base. Con esercizi e soluzioni], Hoepli Publishing, Milan, Italy, 2018.

·   “From training to the profession: specialization and pragmatic aspects” [Dalla formazione alla professione: specializzazione e aspetti pragmatici], in Publishing and translation: focus on the ‘less-spread’languages [Editoria e traduzione: focus sulle lingue ‘di minore diffusione’], (ed. by C. Franchi), Lithos Libri Publishing, Rome, Italy, 2016.

·   “Kosztolányi and Gorkij: the mistery of the 1927 translation of The Bloody Poet” [Kosztolányi és Gorkij: A véres költő 1927-es orosz fordításának rejtélye], in“ Üzenet”, 2007/1.

·   Essential Hungarian Grammar[Grammatica essenziale ungherese], Antonio Vallardi Publishing, Milan, Italy, 2007.

·   “Kosztolányi and Gorkij: a case of ‘author censorship’?” [Kosztolányi e Gor’kij: un caso di “censura d’autore”?], In Studies in memory of Neva Godini [Studi in memoria di Neva Godini], (ed. by R. Faccani), Forum Editrice Universitaria, Udine, Italy, 2001.

·   Thesaurus Hungaricus, important texts for Hungarian culture present in Venetian libraries, research carried out for CISUI (Interuniversity Center for Hungarian Studies in Italy - University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy), published on the website of the Hungarian National Library, 1997

Translations and edited volumes:

·   Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, University Publishing Forum, Udine, Italy; in press (editorship of the trilingual edition: EN-IT-HU).

·   Péter Nádas, A Book of Memories [Emlékiratok könyve, 1986; It. Libro di memorie], Baldini Castoldi Dalai, Milan, Italy, 2012 (translation of chapter XVII from Hungarian).

·   Dezső Kosztolányi, Kornél Esti [Esti Kornél, 1933; It. Kornél Esti], Mimesis, Milan, Italy, 2012 (editorship and translation from Hungarian).

·   L. Grendel, Zs. Láng, I. Lovas, Where are the Borders? [Hol vannak a határok?, 2006, It. Dove sono i confini?], (ed. P. Driussi), www.incontrumanistici.it, Udine, Italy, 2006 (translation from Hungarian).

·   Miklós György Száraz, The Silver Cat [Az Ezüst Macska, 1997, It.Alla locanda del Gatto d’argento], Anfora Publishing, Milan, Italy, 2005 (translation from Hungarian). Acerbi Award Finalist 2006.

·   Lajos Grendel, Einstein’s Bells [Einstein harangjai, 1992, It.Le campane di Einstein], Anfora Publishing, Milan, 2004 (translation from Hungarian). 2006 Acerbi Award Winner.

·   Silvana Poletti, Padua. History Art Culture [Padova. Storia arte cultura, 1997, Hu. Padova Történelem Művészet Kultúra], Medoacus Publishing, Oriago (VE), Italy, 2004 (Hungarian translation with Andrea Bihari).

·   Hungarian Writers in the Mirror [Scrittori ungheresi allo specchio], (ed. B. Töttössy), Carocci, Rome, 2003 (texts by V. Erdős, Zs. Forgács, A. Hazai, L. Kiss and I. Lovas, translation from Hungarian with Andrea Bihari).

·   C. Hebbert, N. Longley, D. Richardson, Hungary [V ed. 2002, It. Ungheria], Antonio Vallardi Publishing, Milan, Italy, 2003 (translation from English with Raffaella Biasin and Vanessa Martore; adaptation of part of the work).


Professional activity:

1) Conferences, participation as speaker:

·   2019:“What is editorial translation? Sectors, limits and contaminations” [Che cosa s’intende con traduzione editoriale? Ambiti, limiti e contaminazioni], University of Udine, Italy.

·   2018: Presentation of the book Basic Hungarian Grammar. With Exercises and Answers [Grammatica ungherese di base. Con esercizi e soluzioni], International Centre for the Study of Plurilingualism, University of Udine, Italy.

·   2018: Translation workshop from Hungarian and seminar “Translating from Finnish and Hungarian: mission, adventure, mystery or calling?” [Tradurre dal finlandese e dall’ungherese: missione, avventura, intrigo o vocazione?], 16th Edition of “Literary Translation Days” [Giornate della Traduzione Letteraria], Link Campus University, Rome, Italy.

·   2018:“Who said that Hungarian is a difficult language?” [Ma chi l’ha detto che l’ungherese è una lingua difficile?”, Venice, Italy.

·   2017:“The thousand faces of translation” [I mille volti della traduzione], Study Day on Hungarian Literature and Translation, University of Padua, Italy.

·   2015:“Ildikó Lovas, literary nightingale of Vajdaság” [Ildikó Lovas, usignolo letterario della Vajdaság], International Conference on “Hungarian Literature, Hungarian literatures” [Letteratura ungherese, letterature ungheresi], University of Padua, Italy.

·   2014-2015: Conferences on translation at the University of Padua, Italy.

·   2014: “Why translate Dezső Kosztolányi today. The topicality of Kornél Esti, the book that inspired Milan Kundera” [Perché tradurre oggi Dezső Kosztolányi. L’attualità di Kornél Esti, il libro che ispirò Milan Kundera], Venice, Italy.

·   2014:“From training to the profession: specialization and pragmatic aspects” [Dalla formazione alla professione: specializzazione e aspetti pragmatici], International Conference on “Publishing and translation: focus on the ‘less-spread’ languages”[Editoria e traduzione: focus sulle lingue di “minore diffusione”], University of Padua, Italy.

·   2013: Seminar “Everything you wanted to know about the world of translation and you never dared to ask” [Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere sul mondo della traduzione e non avete mai osato chiedere], University of Udine, Italy.

·   2012-2013: Series of conferences on translation at the University of Padua, Italy.

·   2011: Presentation of the book Under the holy mask [Sotto la maschera santa] by Andrea Csillaghy, Gorizia.

·   2008:“Egészségedre! To your health!” [Egészségedre! Alla tua salute!], Venice, Italy.

·   2007:“Who was the real Kosztolányi?” [Chi era davvero Kosztolányi?], Beautiful letters and beautiful poems: Hungary and Kosztolányi [Belle lettere e belle poesie: l’Ungheria e Kosztolányi], Venice, Italy.

·   2007: Conference on the 1927 Russian edition of the novel The Bloody Poet [A véres költő] by Kosztolányi, Subotica, Serbia.

·   1996: Conference on the novel St. Peter’s Umbrella [Szent Péter esernyője] by Kálmán Mikszáth, OMIT, Brescia, Italy.

·   1995: Conference on Miklós Radnóti, XII International Finno-Ugristics Students’ Conference, József Attila University of Szeged, Hungary.

2) Academic events organization:

·   2019: Series of conferences “Professionals of editorial translation” [Professionisti della traduzione editoriale], University of Udine, Italy: organizer together with Alessandro Zuliani.

·   2014: International Conference on “Publishing and Translation: focus on the ‘less-spread' languages” [Editoria e traduzione: focus sulle lingue di “minore diffusione”], University of Padua, Italy: organizer together with Cinzia Franchi.

·   2002-2003: University Publishing Forum, Udine, Italy: press office and public relations officer.

·   1996: Consulate of Hungary, Venice, Italy: collaboration on the occasion of the photo exhibition “Sándor Petőfi - Poet of European Romanticism” [Sándor Petőfi - Poeta del Romanticismo europeo].

3) Memberships and Registrations

·   Professional Translator as pursuant to Italian Law n. 4 of 14.01.2013.

·   Ordinary member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters [AITI] - membership n. 206032.

·   Registration in Professional Experts List of the Treviso Chamber of Commerce, Italy.

Registered in the Professional Board of Technical Consultants at the Court of Law in Treviso, Italy.

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