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6 years ago

The Anthropology of the Early Modern Book

Dr. Zsombor Tóth’s Book Launch at Cluj-Napoca

Dr. Zsombor Tóth, researcher of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Literary Studies is going to have a book launch in Cluj-Napoca next week: 

A kora újkori könyv antropológiája: Kéziratos nyilvánosság Cserei Mihály (1667–1756) írás- és szöveghasználatában [The Anthropology of the Early Modern Book: Scribal Publicity in the Writing Practice of Mihály Cserei (1667–1756)]. Budapest: reciti, 2017.

Interlocutor: Katalin Luffy (Central University Library)

Host: Csilla Gábor (BBU, leader of the “Res Litteraria Transylvaniae Vetus” Research Group for History of Literature and Culture)

Date & location: 5th March 2018, 5:30 pm; BBU, Faculty of Letters, Dézsi Lajos room




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