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Nagy Emese Ingrid

Name: Emese Ingrid Nagy

Date and place of birth: 24. 08. 1997., Tîrgu-Mureș

E-mail: nagyemeseingrid@yahoo.com

Research area: the discourse of death in the Early modern era, Early modern devotional literature.

Studies: 2016–2019: Babeș–Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters, Hungarian– English (BA)

2019–2021: Babeș–Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters, Hungarian Linguistics and Literary Studies (MA)

Since 2021: Doctoral School of Hungarology Studies

Work: Doctoral School of Hungarology Studies

Taught subjects: Philology, Hungarian Literary History 2 (Renaissance and Early Modern Literature) seminar



The Eschatological Works of Bálint Lépes= Erdélyi Múzeum, Vol. LXXXIV, 2022. 3, Cluj-Napoca, 2022., 121-132.

Thinking about the Church in the Age of the Reformation= Erdélyi Múzeum, Vol. LXXXIV, 2022, 3, Cluj-Napoca, 2022, 141-143.

Possible Reinterpretations of Rózsa Ignácz’s first Novel= Erdélyi magyar nőírók, edited by Imre József Balázs, Korunk Komp-Press, Cluj-Napoca, 2022, 93-106.

Historical Perspectives on Witch-Hunt= Erdélyi Múzeum, ed. Varga P. Ildikó - Tánczos Vilmos, Cluj-Napoca, Erdélyi Múzeum, 2023 (EME 2023/2), 164-168.


Professional activity:

Course: The Long Reformation: the Tradition of Religious Persecution, Centre for Reformation Studies and the Institute of Literary Studies of the Centre for Humanities Research, Budapest, 21-24 March 2022.

KAB Junior, Literature. Roundtable discussion entitled: Old sources - new perspectives. 17 March 2023.

New Research and Results in Church History Writing. VII International Interdisciplinary Conference, Oradea, 27-29 October 2022. Title of the presentation: The Discourse of Death. Peculiarities and Argumentation in the Book of Bálint Lépes.

Annual academic conference of the students of the Doctoral School of Hungarology Studies, Faculty of Letters, 26 May 2023. Title of the presentation: Intellectual, Theological or Folkloristic Hell? Bálint Lépes’ Book on Hell.

Erasmus+ short mobility, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Mobility period: 4-24 September 2023. 

Commemorative Conference: The History of the Klaniczay School’s Influence in East-Central Europe. Workshop Conference, Cluj Napoca, 27 October 2023. Title of the presentation: Preparing for Death and Taming Death in Three 16th-century devotional Books.

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