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13 years ago


The latest event of the literary-philosophical workshop co-hosted by the Invisible College in Bulgakov Caffé.

The latest event of the literary-philosophical workshop co-organized by the Invisible College together with the Transylvanian Society of Hungarian Philosophy will take place in the well-known Bulgakov Caffé on February 23 (6 p.m.). Discussion materials include:

Roland Barthes: Világoskamra (részlet) (La chambre claire : Note sur la photographie', Gallimard/Seuil/Cahiers du cinéma, Paris, 1980)

Elias Canetti: A hallás iskolája (részlet)

                                        Vilém Flusser: A fotográfia filozófiája (részlet) (Towards a Philosophy of Photography. Für eine   Philosophie der Fotografie, Göttingen: Edition Flusser im Verlag European Photography, 1984.)

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