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Balázs Imre József

Balázs, Imre-József

lecturer, PhD

E-mail: lutraro@yahoo.com




·            20th century Hungarian Literature

·            Theory and practice of the literary profession

·            Poetics and Criticism

·            Intercultural Communication in the Modern Transylvanian Literatures

·            Regional Literatures


Education and training

·            1998: Hungarian–English Literature and Culture, Cluj-N., Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters, 1994-1998

·            1999: MA degree in Hungarian literature (In the programme Literature and Society), Cluj-Napoca, Babes-Bolyai University, 1998-1999

·            1999-2004: PhD research, BBU Cluj, Faculty of Letters, Department of Hungarian Literature (The Avant-Garde in Transylvanian Hungarian Literature)


Research interests

·            20th century Hungarian Literature

·            Avant-garde

·            Transylvanian Hungarian literature


Major research projects

·            1999–2004: The Avant-garde in Transylvanian Hungarian Literature (PhD thesis, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj)

·            2005–2006: Systems of Value and Integration in the Transylvanian Hungarian Literature between 1948–1965 (Sapientia Research Centre, Cluj, as project manager)

·            2011: Hybrids and Transformers in Avant-garde Literature. (National Cultural Fund, Hungary)


Major publications

·            A nonsalansz esélye. (The Chance of Nonchalance). Essays. Cluj, Komp-Press, 2001.

·            Hervay Gizella. Monographical essay. Bucharest, Kriterion, 2003.

·            Humor az avantgárdban és a posztmodernben. (Humor in the Avant-garde and in Postmodernism). Study, co-author: Zsuzsa SELYEM. Cluj, Scientia, 2004.

·            Mint egy úszó színház. (Like a Floating Theatre) Essays. Miecurea Ciuc, Pallas–Akadémia, 2005.

·            Az avantgárd az erdélyi magyar irodalomban. (The Avant-garde in Transylvanian Hungarian Literature). Tg. Mures, Mentor, 2006. (Romanian translation by Kocsis Francisko, Ed. Bastion, Timisoara, 2009)

·            Avant-garde and Representations of Communism in Hungarian Literature from Romania. Ed. Didactică și Pedagogică, București, 2009.

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