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Fülöp Anna

Name        Fülöp (Bálint)  Anna

Date and place of birth     18.07.1959 Borosneul-Mare

E-mail          fulopanna@yahoo.com      fulopanna2@gmail.com

Research area   The Sermons of Bornemisza Péter
Studies BA in Languages: Hungarian and German, Babes-Bolyai University Faculty of Letters
Work  Székely Mikó College Sf.Gheorghe
Taught subjects   Hungarian and German
Publication  A gyökerek -T3 Kiadó, 2011 ISBN 978-973-1962-45-0 Sepsiszentgyörgy
                            Praktische ungarische Grammatik-PhilologiaFenno-Ugrica 5-6(1999-2000),

Professional activity  post graduale studies in the field of Hungarian languages Cluj-Napoca


1. Roots (Gyökerek) - An outline of the lives of the first eleven headmasters of the Székely Mikó College | Publisher: T3Kiadó, Saint George, 2011 | ISBN 978-973-1962-45-0

2. Ungarische Praktische Grammatik-PhilologiaFenno-Ugric 5-6 (1999-2000), 75-75. ISBN3-930369-15-X-Verlag Wissenschaft -ÖFFENTLICHKEIT - Freiburg

3. Arbeitsheft-Anfänger und für die II. Klasse Proserved Cathedra, 1995, Saint George

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