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3 years ago

Our tribute to Imre Kertész

The new issue of Philobiblon is out, with the essay of our collegue

The first issue in 2016 of Philobiblon, Transylvanian Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities publishes Zsuzsa Selyem's essay entitled "Being an Object. Being a Person. Indirect Interpersonality in Imre Kertész’s Ouvre"

Abstract Imre Kertész wrote in one of his novels, Fiasco, that what he has always tried is to transform his eternal state of object into a state of person. Starting from the problem of personality, my research in Imre Kertész’s oeuvre (novels, essays, and diaries) is led by the following questions: What is the role of writing in order to gain one’s freedom, to transform an initial state of being an object into a state of being a person? What is the role of creating fiction in the representation of the personal experience? How can death be the gesture of maintaining the world? (B.’s suicide in Liquidation) How can withdrawal serve as a creative force? How can one ethically interpret the tension between the responsibility of remembrance and the possibility of love?

Keywords Auschwitz, banality of Evil, consumer, depersonalization, fictionalization, historicization, Imre Kertész, particularization, personal, privilege, responsibility, solidarity, object, totalitarianism, post-totalitarianism

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